Automate with SAP VIM by OpenText

In the race towards digitalization in order to increase competitiveness, some projects integrating artificial intelligence are easier to implement than others.

The dematerialization of documents and the automation of the process associated with invoices concern all companies.  

There are several factors involved in slowing down the processing of invoices and prompting the switch to digitization:

  • Manual invoice management
  • Invoice approval process
  • Incorrect or incomplete invoices
  • Costs associated with printing and mailing invoices
  • Penalties for not paying on time

S4IC experience with S/4HANA (VIM by Opentext with S4IC, SAP reseller in Belgium)

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Vendor for Invoice Management (VIM) is an integrated module that adds to the SAP core system.

This SAP add-on developed by OpenText simplifies the process of receiving, sending and monitoring invoices in SAP.

Thanks to this solution, you can drastically reduce manual data entry.

SAP VIM by OpenText has proven itself for many years, it is easy to implement and has a fast ROI (Return On Investment).

Using VIM by Opentext with S4IC, SAP reseller in Belgium

How does SAP VIM by OpenText work?

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How VIM by Opentext works with S4IC, SAP reseller in Belgium

Digitization with SAP VIM by Opentext includes:

  • The reception of invoices in digital format,
  • The digitization of paper invoices

The scanned documents are stored on the SAP Content Server or on the OpenText Archive Server (OTAS).

They can be accessed at any time.

The recognition of the characters displayed on the documents is done via the Business Capture Center (BCC) which is the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software developed by OpenText.

The control is carried out on the basis of the rules established by the business.

In case of exceptions, the invoice is redirected for adjustment or correction.  



The types of exceptions we encounter are :  

  • The mismatch with contracted prices or quantities.
  • Inconsistency between invoice items and data in SAP.

Invoices are automatically validated if all criteria are met.

The payment is made automatically.

Benefits of VIM by Opentext

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Process optimization

The benefits of SAP VIM by OpenText are numerous:

  • Reduced invoice processing time
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Traceability
  • Acceleration of operations
  • Complete overview and visibility into the status of each invoice
  • Improved supplier relationships

Our VIM by Opentext methodology in 6 steps

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VIM by Opentext methodology with S4IC, SAP reseller in Belgium
  1. Analysis of the current situation and objectives.
  2. System configuration to achieve the required result. ABAP developments will be required if you have requests that are not part of the standard offered by SAP.
  3. In the test phase, we verify that our configuration delivers the desired solution.
  4. UAT, i.e. the validation of tests by users.
  5. User training.
  6. Go Live

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