SAP Indirect Access

Unlock your SAP data extractions without fear of indirect access

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Today, SAP users can be in 2 different situations depending on whether they are in the old or the new SAP licensing model. In both cases, the use of BW extractors is not free.

This is one of the reasons why we have designed SEAzam, an extraction tool that meets the requirements of both models: 

  • If you are in the old model, the “Indirect Static Read” is the only way to extract your data for free from SAP. 

This extraction model is initiated within SAP, it runs in the background and is no data is modified. 

  • If you are in the new model, the data extraction is free of charge and without any specific technical constraints. 
SAP Indirect Access - Old model

Old SAP Model

Old Model

Product : SAP ECC

Get free data from SAP Static Indirect Access
SAP Indirect Access - New model

Old Model

New SAP Model

Product : SAP S/4 HANA or SAP ECC client that have voluntarily switched to the new model.

Reading the data is free. Only the creation of certain transactional data is not free.

How does SEAzam respond to the Indirect Access SAP issue?

Surlignement titre S4IC, partenaire SAP
  • No coding 
  • Indirect Static Read compliant (Seazam is an SAP integrated tool. It is used by a specified user, it can run in the background and create files). 
  • It can extract data without limited volume  
  • Available formats are TXT, CSV, XLS, XML and JSON 
  • SAP authorization system is used  
  • Has a powerful monitoring system 
  • Allows you to identify and follow up activities involving sensitive data (GDPR type, business secret, …) 

SAP add-on endorsed by SAP - S4IC, partenaire SAP

SEAzam is a certified SAP On-premise and Cloud add-on that allows you to export your SAP data quickly, securely and cost-effectively.  

A certified SAP add-on is a guarantee of reliability and security. 

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