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S.A.B.C.A., a small presentation ...

S.A.B.C.A. is a major player in civil aviation, aerospace, defense and general industry. Its activities are spread over 4 sites located in Brussels, Lummen, Charleroi and Casablanca. The Belgian company has opted for the SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition solution and for a Greenfield deployment. The project is ambitious given the complexity and diversity of the activities.
S.A.B.C.A. avec S4IC, votre prestataire SAP

Why did S.A.B.C.A. call on S4IC to migrate its data to SAP S/4HANA?

As part of its Greenfield to SAP S/4HANA, S.A.B.C.A. entrusted S4IC with the extraction of useful data from their existing SAP ECC and its conversion before loading it into the new system.

S.A.B.C.A. turned to S4IC because they were already using the SEAzam© add-on designed, developed and marketed by S4IC. SEAzam© is an ETL that extracts and loads large volumes of data. SEAzam© therefore was a big help in the data migration process.

Why do we also handle data conversion?

We developed a program called SEAmapp© that takes the data extracted by SEAzam© and automates its conversion to the client’s SAP S/4HANA.

SEAzam combined with SEAmapp offers the possibility to manage the entire data migration process, which is why we were chosen.

Thanks to SEAmapp© SAP ECC data is entered and SAP S/4HANA data is taken out, reducing human action to a minimum. The process is fully automated and infinitely repeatable. Most of the work consists of defining the objects to be migrated, identifying the fields to be converted and establishing the link between the old and new values for each of these fields.

Then SEAmapp© generates the import files in the desired format. For loading, it is possible to use the Data Migration Cockpit or SEAzam. In the case of S.A.B.C.A., the choice was made to use the Data Migration Cockpit to load the data into SAP S/4HANA.

The automation of this process is important to avoid handling errors. And also because these treatments are repeated many times during the migration process.

To ensure the success of this operation, it is important to establish a close collaboration with the external team in charge of the Greenfield and with the S.A.B.C.A. users.

On the one hand we receive feedback on the data loading tests, and on the other hand we ensure the conversion of the data according to the rules received by S.A.B.C.A.

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