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During migration projects, the burden of data migration/conversion is often underestimated and the only tool used is the spreadsheet, which means that a large part of the operations remain manual.

However, data recovery is a major effort that is carried out in several stages and it is also an opportunity to :

  • Enrich: to add characteristics to the data
  • Clean up: to remove useless/obsolete data
  • Correct errors
  • Make data more reliable: document the data creation process and apply controls to ensure data quality.
  • Simplify improved processes: automate the filling of certain fields

Our SEAmapp© tool allows you to convert data automatically according to rules defined by the migration team. The objective is to make the processing totally automatic.

It can therefore be repeated and improved at each test phase. SEAmapp© is used to convert data from your old system to the new format. This tool can either convert the data from the source system to the Data Migration Cockpit (DMC) format, or to any file format.

However, if the DMC does not offer a template for loading some of your data, we recommend that you use SEAzam©.

Our Data Migration Package and our Data Migration Package Extended offer you the combination of our SEAmapp tool and SEAzam add-on.

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The advantages of SEAmapp©

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  • Compatibility: a single tool for several projects involving the extraction and processing (exchange) of data;
  • Flexibility: centralize all data in one database;
  • Management of large volumes of data: ability to retrieve a maximum amount of information from source systems at the level of data formats that are adapted to the correct formats in the upload files;
  • Stability: SEAmapp adapts to the complexity of each business;
  • Speed: for most standard SAP objects, S4IC already has templates to speed up the migration;
  • Reliability: automated process thus reducing the risk of errors because there are no manual conversions.

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