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SEAzam© is an SAP-certified add-on, On-Premise and Cloud-based, that extracts and loads huge volumes of data from various SAP objects. This powerful data extractor and loader has been specially designed to :

  • Accelerate the deployment of your SAP projects;
  • Secure and control your interface activities;
  • Increase the return on investment and reduce upgrade costs;
  • Allow money and time saving;
  • Avoid ABAP developments.
SAP add-on endorsed by SAP - S4IC, partenaire SAP
SEAzam add-on - SAP add-on

SEAzam© is like a Swiss knife. It is used in many different cases such as :

  • Data extraction and reconciliation;
  • Acquisition or merger of companies;
  • SAP S/4HANA migration ;
  • Decommissioning or disposal of companies ;
  • Customized reports;

When a company uses SAP with other applications, data synchronization becomes complicated. SEAzam simplifies the implementation and maintenance of these interfaces.

In general, SEAzam© allows you to extract your data from SAP and integrate it into your reporting tools. All SAP objects can be exported.

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Surlignement titre S4IC, partenaire SAP

The advantages of SEAzam©

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  • One tool: one single tool for several projects involving data extraction and processing (exchange);

  • Easy installation: directly available with SAP (no additional hardware and software required), and no risk of overwriting existing programs (all programs are in a specific namespace);

  • High compatibility: compatible with all SAP versions (ECC and S/4HANA);

  • Easy to use: only one day of training is required to master the tool;

  • Task optimization: allows you to create a succession of tasks in a single execution;

  • Memory optimization: SEAzam is designed to stay within the limits of available memory.

  • Dynamic creation: during a succession of tasks, objects created in the first run can be reused in the following ones dynamically;

  • Data integrity: when loading data, SEAzam© performs all quality controls as if it was a manual recording.

  • Flexibility: extracts and load data from SAP on any device and easily transfers data between any application and SAP.

  • Real-time data: retrieves updated data instantly

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