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SAP Pricing for Indirect / Digital access

The influence of digital transformation on SAP licensing model

Most companies are rapidly moving toward digital transformation.

Mobile devicesautomationAI and machine learning are profoundly changing the way customers access SAP ERP.  

As a result, SAP has adapted its licensing model to this new digital era.

ECC vs S/4HANA by S4IC, SAP partner in Belgium

SAP software, regardless of the access method, must be appropriately licensed.  

In 2018, SAP introduced a new indirect or digital access licensing model with the goal of simplifying its rules.

SAP identifies 3 types of access to the Digital Core that represents your SAP ERP:

  • Direct Human Access: the user connects directly to SAP’s Digital Core (its ERP part).  
  • SAP Application Access: the user connects indirectly to the Digital Core, i.e. from another SAP application. 
  • Indirect/Digital Access: the Digital Core user connects from non-SAP applicationsdevicesbots or other third-party systemsThis is the case for all inbound interfaces. 

SAP pricing for indirect/digital access

In the old SAP licensing system, the reference for calculating your fees were essentially the number users 

For SAP Application Access, you as an SAP customer are already paying the specific license costs for SAP systems.   

Here’s an overview of the topic in this video from SAP: ERP Pricing in the Digital Age. 

With indirect/digital access, pricing is based on the volume of documents created by external systems. Licensing is based on 9 types of Digital Core documents:

  1. The sales documents
  2. Purchase documents 
  3. Invoicing documents 
  4. Manufacturing documents 
  5. Quality management documents 
  6. Service and maintenance documents 
  7. Time management documents 
  8. Physical documents 
  9. Financial documents 

The cost of indirect/digital access is associated with the initial creation of these types of documents in SAP systems through third party interfaces.  

There are no additional costs for readingupdating or deleting the created documents. The cost is on a sliding scale depending on the volume of documents generated in the SAP system.

At this point, few SAP customers using indirect/digital access are fully compliant with the terms of their contract. Many are unaware that this type of usage may require a license.

The rapid digitization of your business could have a significant impact on your IT budget due to the inaccurate use of licenses by third party systems. 

How can an SAP reseller like S4IC help you?

As an SAP reseller in Belgium, S4IC can help you with:

  • Auditing your system to evaluate the adequacy of your licenses with the use you make of them;
  • Analyzing the different solutions available to you to optimize your costs;
  • Integrating the aspects related to indirect/digital access when moving from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA.

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