• To schedule a SEAzam job, you go to the menu Program and click on Execute in Background.
SEAzam - Transactional tasks - Foreground execution
  • You can also create a job in the standard way using transaction SM36 for more information look here.

Important : Restriction on Background Execution : doesn’t allow Excel format and work only on Application Server (Import & Export)

  • The call should be sent to :

SEAzam - Transactional tasks - Web Service server address

On an intranet system, it’s could also be HTTP with port 8000 :

SEAzam - Transactional tasks - Web Service HTTP


  • Codification should be done this way :

SEAzam - Transactional tasks - Web Service codification sample

There are 3 different ways to monitor your SEAzam tasks.

The logs can be managed :

  • A specific transaction : /HSEA/SEAzam_MONITOR
  • The standard SLG01 log transaction.
  • It’s also possible to export the log in the returning part of the data transfert. It works for a Web service or for a file, if you flag the corresponding fields in your file template.