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SEAzam is an add-on to be included in your SAP system. Its programs are fully integrated in a specific name space.

There is no risk of overwriting existing programs when loading SEAzam on a SAP system.

This information is available on the SAP certification test N° 23143496 for Version 4 and the following certifications.

Version and system compatibility

Underline text - Titles S4IC, SAP partner in Belgium

It’s possible to install SEAzam on many different SAP solutions : ECC, CRM, SRM, BI, APO, …

It depends of the NetWeaver version of the receiving server. S4IC deploys all the possible efforts to bring SEAzam compatible with all the SAP versions starting from NetWeaver 700.

SEAzam is compatible with all SAP ECC 6.0 versions (EHP0) to S/4HANA SAP last version.

The Landscape

Underline text - Titles S4IC, SAP partner in Belgium
SEAzam - Architecture

To work, SEAzam receives the requested info and filters from a file or from a Web Service call. It answers a file or XML web service code.

When the job is a manual frontend activity, the 4 formats are available for import and export. The import format can be different from the export one.

When it’s scheduled, usually XLS isn’t possible because SAP needs to open an Excel session to generate the file and Excel isn’t installed on the SAP server.

When it’s a Web Service, XML is the standard format.

About the SOA Manager

Only the 2 SEAzam BAPI’s have to be configured as Web Services in NetWeaver.

After, all the Web Services will run without any new additional customizing.